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Commercial & Retail Leases

Most business operate in leased premises. A lease provides the legal right for the business to occupy the premises, and sets out the agreed terms of the occupancy.

Unlike residential leases, commercial and retail leases are normally non-standard documents prepared by the lawyer acting for the landlord and contain extensive rights and obligations of the landlord and the tenant.

The terms of a commercial and retail lease are negotiable before the lease is signed. The lease your business ends up with will depend on how well you negotiate it’s terms, on the negotiating strength of the parties and on the state of the property leasing market. The lease your business ends up with will influence the future success of your business and any sale of it.

At Bateman Battersby Lawyers Penrith our Business Advisory Team acts for businesses on a range of commercial and retail leasing matters including:

  • Drafting leases
  • Advising on leases
  • Negotiation of leases
  • Transferring lease
  • Lease dispute resolution
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