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Child Support Disputes

When you separate from your partner, proper arrangements need to be made for the financial support of any children of the relationship. Today, most children are covered by the provisions of the Commonwealth Child Support Scheme. The Child Support (Assessment) Act sets out a formula for working out how much child support should be paid. This is known as “an Administrative Assessment”. The Child Support Scheme is administered by the Department of Human Services which is a branch of the Australian Taxation Office.

The Department of Human Services enables parents to make arrangements between themselves for the payment of child support. The parties should keep a proper record of what child support has been paid. The Department of Human Services has powers to take action to recover arrears of child support which includes the power to garnishee a parent’s wage or obtain the benefit of any income tax refunds or other monies due to be paid to the liable parent.

At Bateman Battersby Lawyers Penrith, our experienced team can assist you with all aspects of a child support dispute including:

  • advising you as to how much child support you should receive or pay;
  • providing guidance as to how you can prepare an application to the Department of Human Services;
  • preparing and registering Child Support Agreements;
  • appearing for you in Court.
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