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Property Settlements in De Facto Relationships

At the end of a De Facto Relationship/Domestic Relationship, you may need to divide the assets. These assets can include the family home, investment properties, interest in a business, shares and bank accounts. In determining what proportion of assets are divided, many factors are taken into account. They include:-

  • The assets that you and your partner brought into the relationship.
  • The assets and liabilities which have accumulated during the period of the relationship.
  • The direct and indirect financial contributions of the parties.
  • The non-financial contributions to the relationship.

At Bateman Battersby Lawyers Penrith, our experienced team can assist you with all aspects of your property settlement, including:-

  • Providing initial advice as to the likely distribution of the assets and liabilities of the relationship.
  • Obtaining all relevant information pertaining to the assets and liabilities of the relationship.
  • Negotiating with your partner or their legal representative.
  • Appearing for you in Court.
  • Attending to the transfer of your assets as part of a property settlement.
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