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Financial Agreements in De Facto Relationships

The assets in De Facto Relationships may be regulated at the beginning of the relationship by entering into a Financial Agreement. Since the 1st March 2009 De Facto Relationship agreements may be prepared under the Family Law Act. You can save a lot of heartache and significant legal costs if you work out how your assets are going to be distributed in the event of a separation. Anyone who is planning to enter into a De Facto Relationship or Domestic Relationship and are bringing assets into the relationship should seriously consider entering into such an agreement.

With a Financial Agreement, there is no need to go to Court. Each party must have independent legal advice and solicitors will need to sign a Certificate, confirming that advice has been given in relation to the Agreement. All you need do is to advise us as to what assets you are planning to bring into the relationship and how those assets will be distributed in the event that your relationship breaks down.

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