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FAQ – Child Support Disputes

Some of the most commonly asked questions about Child Support Disputes are discussed on this page.

1. Who is liable to pay Child Support?

Each of the parents of the child is liable to pay Child Support.  Parents must be resident in Australia in order to be liable to pay Child Support in accordance with an administrative assessment by the Department of Human Services.  There are special provisions in relation to parents who live overseas.

2. Can parents agree about Child Support?

It is not compulsory to have an administrative assessment by the Department of Human Services.  Parents can enter into their own arrangements in relation to Child Support.  Alternatively, the parents may enter into a written Child Support Agreement which is registered with the Department of Human Services.

3. How is Child Support calculated?

Child Support is calculated under a formula set out in the Child Support (Assessment) Act.  The formula requires the liable parent to pay a percentage of their taxable income as Child Support.

4. How is Child Support collected?

The Department of Human Services prefers parents to make arrangements between themselves for the payment of Child Support.  If the parties do not agree to do it this way, payments can be collected by the Department of Human Services.  Sometimes it is collected from the liable parent’s employer out of their wage or salary.

5. How can Bateman Battersby assist me with Child Support disputes?

Oliver Hagen and his team have vast experience in handling child support disputes.  We can advise you on how much child support you should receive or pay.  We can also provide guidance as to how you can prepare an application to the Department of Human Services.  We are also able to prepare and register Child Support Agreements and if necessary appear for you in Court.

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