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FAQ – Representation at Court

Some of the most commonly asked questions about Representation at Court are discussed on this page.

1. Do I need to be legally represented in Court?

No.  Family Courts enable parties to be self-represented.  However, De Facto Relationship matters and Family Law matters are often complicated and time consuming.  There are many rules and regulations involved in regards to appearing in Court.  It may be easier in the long term to engage legal representatives who can look after your interest.

2. How long will my matter be in Court?

That is difficult to say.  That may involve whether or not there are complicated issues involved in the matter and how many witnesses may be called.

3. Does anything have to be done before the hearing of my matter in Court?

Yes.  In Family Law matters and De Facto Relationship matters generally evidence is admitted by way of Affidavit material.  Affidavits are sworn written statements which are filed with the Court and served on the other side.  Also there will be numerous appearances at Court for “Directions Hearings”.  In the Family Court where there is an emphasis on mediation this may involve Case Assessment Conferences, Conciliation Conferences and Pre-Trial Conferences – all with the view of trying to reach an agreement before allocating a hearing date.

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