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Bateman Battersby Law Bursary

The Bateman Battersby Law Bursary, first offered in 1990, was established to encourage further legal education amongst students attending high schools in the Penrith and Blue Mountains local government areas and to date there have been 26 recipients.

Each year the Bursary is open to students who, upon completion of their Higher School Certificate or International Baccalaureate, intend applying for admission to a full-time University Law course in Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle or the ACT.

The winner of the Bursary is the student who, of all the applicants, achieves the highest ATAR (HSC, or converted IB mark), and can confirm admission to an approved law course on or before 5.00pm on 17 February 2017.

In the case that more than one applicant shares the highest ATAR, the Bursary is shared. The Winner of the Bursary receives a grant of $1000.00 and a Bateman Battersby Bursary Winner's Trophy.

Information about the Bursary is distributed to the Legal Studies Teacher of High Schools in the Penrith, St Marys and Blue Mountains region in the second school term of each year. If you have any questions about the Bateman Battersby Law Bursary, please contact our office on (02) 4731 5899 or alternatively by email to bursary@batemanbattersby.com.au.

Students interested in pursuing legal education at a tertiary level should speak to their School Principal, Careers Adviser or Legal Studies Teacher for an Application Form or for further information. A Bateman Battersby Law Bursary Application Form can also be downloaded from this page by clicking on the link below. All completed applications must be returned to our office by 5.00pm on 28 October 2016.

Previous winners of the Bateman Battersby Law Bursary include:

1990 Catherine O’Toole - Jamison High
1991 Paul Salisbury - Katoomba High
1992 Leisa Glasscock - McCarthy High
1993 Wayne Courtney - Jamison High
1994 Fiona Newman - Blue Mountains Grammar
1995 Daniel Cunningham - Penrith High
1996 Irene Wong - Penrith High
1997 Bronwyn Smith - Jamison High and Melinda Roylett - Penrith High
1998 Anna Samson - Penrith High
1999 Kristin Van Zwieten - St Paul’s Grammar
2000 Zoe Spratt - Blue Mountains Grammar
2001 Catherine Mann - Penrith High
2002 Rebecca Zakarijah - St Mary’s Senior High
2003 Kieran Colreavy - Penrith High
2004 Louise Rigozzi - St Mary’s Senior High
2005 Jessica Pace - Penrith High
2006 Alicia Back - Penrith High
2007 Wen Fu Lu - St Mary’s Senior High

Jacqueline Edwards - St Paul’s Grammar

2009 Peter Fam - St Dominic's College
2010 Grace So - Penrith High
2011 Thomas Synnott - St Columba's High School
2012 Maya Suzuki- Penrith High
2013 Mary-Anne Leonardo - St Mary's Senior High
2014 Justine Amin- Penrith High
2015 Natasha Tioukavkin - St Mary's Senior High


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