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Character References

How they can help if you are going to Court

Written references about your good character can help your case in Court.

It is a good idea to obtain one or more references from people who are “of good reputation”.  This means they don’t have a criminal record or a bad reputation.  These people may be neighbours, family friends, workmates, members of clubs or organisations you belong to (e.g. community, sporting, religious, political or other groups).

Each reference should be:-

  • Addressed to “The Presiding Magistrate”;
  • An Original;
  • Neatly written or typed;
  • Signed by the writer of the reference, with the name of the person printed underneath;

Each reference should include the following:-

  • A statement from the person writing the reference that he/she is aware of the charges before the Court and, if possible, that the offences are ‘out of character’ for you;
  • How long the person has known you;
  • How the person knows you (e.g. as an employer, workmate, priest, teacher, team members, family friend, flat mate, etc.);
  • The person’s opinion of your character;
  • Anything which might help the Court concerning your charges (e.g. your general honesty if it is a stealing charge; your general driving ability if it is a drink driving charge);
  • Dated.

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Character References for Court Appearances

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